LAAMB (2013)
Directed by Kristoffer Hegnsvad

Senegalese wrestling derives from ritual manhood trials and has developed into a national sport with packed stadiums and huge prizes. Today, the fight is supplemented with bare knuckle boxing but without any protection. The promise of a golden future attracts thousands of young men, who literally have to fight their way to the top. This is the story of a 22 year old cattle herder and his attempts to become a pro wrestler in Senegal. It's a modern tale about fighting ones way out of poverty, and it's the story of a sport filled with myths and extreme voodoo rituals.

Cinematography: Peter Alsted
Producers: Kristoffer Hegnsvad & Peter Alsted
Editor: Anders Obbekjær
Sound design: Anne Gry Friis Kristensen
Art director: Super Schwarz
Music: Adam Mckenzie & Rune Glerup
Post Production: DFI Filmværkstedet & Kong Gulerod Film


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Standing on Water (2015)
Directed by Peter Alsted

Standing on Water is a story of overcoming your fears and following your passion. It's the journey of how Casper Steinfath despite his fear of water became one of the best stand up paddle surfers in the world, as the only person from Denmark. It's a story of how far passion can take you in life, even if you grow up in a small and isolated fishing village in northern Denmark - in the middle of nowhere. Strong family bonds, brotherhood, and the birth of a Danish surf community in what today is known as Cold Hawaii set the stage in this meditative portrait of a life lived by and for the ever-changing ocean.

Cinematography: Peter Alsted
Producers: Rasmus Johnsen & Peter Alsted
Editor: Anders Obbekjær
Sound design: Max Frost
Art director: Super Schwarz
Composer: Adam Mckenzie
Music: Meridian, Spleen United & Quick Quick Obey
Post Production: Kong Gulerod Film


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Best Film - LLAMF Snowdonia's Mountain Festival 2016
Best Surf Film - Toronto Beaches Film Festival 2016
Honorable Mention - Portuguese Surf Film Festival 2016


Looking for Exits (2015)
Directed by Kristoffer Hegnsvad

Wingsuit basejumping is an extreme sport in which the pilot jumps from high peaks often above cloud level, navigating their way back to earth through forests and past cliff faces at speeds up to 240 kph. 'Looking for Exits - Conversations with a Wingsuit Artist' is a contemplative film; combining stunning photography with a podcast-inspired conversation with Ellen Brennan who is known within the wingsuit-community as a true artist. She's the fastest flying woman in the world, residing amongst the mountains in Chamonix Mont-Blanc she spends her days and sometimes nights looking for suitable cliffs from which she can soar. Ellen refer to these suitable cliffs as 'exits'.

Director of photography: Peter Alsted
Producer: Cecilie C. Caspersen
Editor: Paul Colcer
Sound design: Anne Gry Friis Kristensen & Peter Albrechtsen
Art director: Super Schwarz
Music: Rune Glerup
Post production: DFI Filmværkstedet & Kong Gulerod Film

Trento Film Festival (IT)
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival (US)
Doc Lounge Helsinki (FI)


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